(Bradenton, FL)  -- Following a traffic stop on the morning of October 15th, Matthew Hawley and Mark Fiasco, both 23, were busted after a search of Hawley’s 1998 Mercury turned up nearly 30 grams of marijuana.

That, of course, is the bad news. However, the Florida duo’s felony collars did come with a silver lining. 

During the vehicle search, Bradenton Police Department officers found a bong in the car’s trunk that both men said had been missing for seven years.The $150 bong was one of two that the men purchased from a Sarasota glass blower back when they were in high school, Hawley told cops. The other bong, he added, “had been broken by [Fiasco’s] brother while engaged in sexual intercourse.”

Fiasco, who admitted to plans to “smoke the shit out” of pot found in the car, told an officer that he “had been looking for the bong for the last 7 years” and was “pleased” that investigators located it. Fiasco, a cop reported, “was under the assumption that an old roommate had stolen it.”

Police say his wait to use the long lost bong may take 7-10 more years.
 Things That Make You Go WTF?!?
 Things That Make You Go WTF?!?

This week's quote submitted by SHARRON G of Ft. Myers:

"...I think I just drank to much..."

-George W. Bush
while on press tour for his new book.


TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwan's government plans to allow sex workers to set up small businesses in the latest change to laws that had once forced the huge industry underground, the interior ministry said.In a statement on its website, the ministry said it would consider brothels of three to five staff away from areas frequented by children. It will put plans to a cabinet committee by the end of the year.The ministry ruled out earlier proposals to set up red-light districts or allow larger businesses due to concerns among members of its committee set up to study the issue that such measures would turn the sex trade into a regular industry.Prostitution was legal only in Taiwan's capital, Taipei, until 1997 when the city authorities made it a criminal offence to be a prostitute though not to patronize one.The government began debating new laws two years ago after pressure from prostitute groups over the unfairness of the law. In 2009 it stopped punishing sex workers.Bars and night clubs in older parts of Taipei still teem with sex workers. Estimates from activists put the number of people involved in sex-related jobs in Taiwan at 600,000.

Boogie on over, DANCING WITH THE STARS... A group of four German high school students took first prize in the final of the Ugly Dance World Cup held in Hamburg this weekend.The winners from the northwestern German town of Vechta competed against nine other teams from Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. "They convinced with epic ugliness, horrible appearance and their signature move - the Shy Dance," according to the competition's official website.
Somewhere Over The Reading Rainbow...

JAKARTA (Reuters) – At a thumb-numbing 5,472 pages, a book devoted to the life of Barack Obama is probably not going to be on the President's list of beach reads, but its Indonesian author is hoping for interest from the White House.

Hailed by Indonesian record keepers as the world's thickest book, "The Collection, Obama and Pluralism," was unveiled by local author, director and artist, Damien Dematra to coincide with a visit by the U.S. president which ended on Wednesday.At 34 cm (about 1 ft) thick, the hardbound tome chronicles snippets of Obama's life in Jakarta.

The U.S. president spent about four years in Indonesia as a child with his anthropologist mother from 1967 and during his visit spoke fondly of those days.

Jaya Suprana, curator of Indonesia's records museum in a nation obsessed with record breaking, said the size of the book beats the previous international title holder -- Agatha Christie's "The Complete Miss Marple," a relatively slender 4,032 pages.

...and the Obamanation continues.
Site Of The Week
All the government's raw data available to spin to your heart's content!
National Birthday Free Meals

Alfy's Pizza – Free Mini Pizza
All American Cafe – Free Desert
Applebees – Free Dessert
Auntie Anne – Free Pretzel, sign up online first
Austin Grill – Register Online for free meal
Bakers Square – Free Dessert
Baskin Robbins – Free Ice Cream, see website for details
B.B.Q's – Varies, see site
Beaches Restaurant – Free meal – Please check your local restaurant (Not all restaurants).
Ben & Jerry's – Ben & Jerry’s emails you a coupon for a free scoop if you register on their website.
Black Angus – Free meal, see website
Black Briskee – Meal
Bennigans – Free Dessert
Benihana – Up to $30 value when you sign up for their emails at the Chef's Table link online. Plus a photo of you at your birthday meal, etc.
Boston Market – Free Dessert with $5 min purchase – Sign up online
Bravo Italian – They sent a coupon for a free appy w/ meal purchase.  Different than the usual dessert.  It's valid for a whole month around my birthday so that's nice.  Bravo and Brio are cousins and I noticed on Brio's website you can join their mailing list too but not sure if they have the same birthday special.
Bubba Gumps – Free Dessert
Burger King – Club BK Promotions, Register on website
California Pizza Kitchen – Register on website for free meal or dessert
Captain D's – Register for birthday club
Carrows – Free Cake and bottomless beverage
Cattlemen's – Free Dessert
Champps – Join birthday club for free cheeseburger or appetizer ($8.99 value)
The Charlie Horse – Free Birthday Meal
Chevy's – Free Dessert
Chili's – Free Birthday Dessert with purchase of an entree – Sign up online first for birthday coupon
Chips n Giggles – Free Birthday Meal (see details)
Claim Jumper – Free Dessert
Cold Stone Creamery – Register on Website for Birthday freebies
Daphne’s Greek Cafe -Free entree on your birthday (no purchase necessary), when you join ePita club. Mention phone number when ordering to credit the points to your account. You earn one point for every dollar you spend, when you reach 200 points, you will receive $10 off your next purchase. You also receive buy one get one free offers during you membership anniversary.
Denny's – Free Meal (Not all restaurants) – I called them in CA they said they don't do this anymore.  Denny's is giving a free original grand slam on your birthday–I read about it on the website.
Disneyland is offering free admission on your birthday (2008).
El Chicos – Free Dessert
El Torito offers a free birthday meal if you sign up on their website. You’ll also get a coupon for free guacamole.
Ernie's Steakhouse – Free Birthday Meal
Fazoli's – register online and get an email coupon for a free dessert on your birthday (coupon good for two weeks from sent date)  — they also immediately send you a $2 off $5 purchase when you register.
Finleys – Offers a free meal on your birthday
Firehouse Subs gives you a free Med. sub on your birthday. Must reg. online first.
First Watch – Free Entree on your birthday – sign up for the Sun eClub
Flat Top Grill also offers a free stir fry to guests for their birthdays. They have to register on the website or in a restaurant first. There are locations in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.
Fox and Hound – Free entree with purchase of entree on birthday
Friendly's will give you a free sundae on your birthday – you need to sign up on their website to get your coupon 
Fuddruckers – free sundae (select locations) – Not available in L.A.
Garozzo's offers a free birthday meal – see website for details – Their food also happens to be amazing.  )
Genghis Grill has a free bowl offer on your birthday and it's good for about 10-15 days after your birthday.  Free sign up.
Grillfish – Free Birthday Meal
Hard Rock Cafe – Dessert
Herrell's Ice Cream – Free Sundae
Home Town buffet restaurants give you a coupon for a free meal (with the purchase of another adult meal) when you join their eclub. This can be done on line and the coupon will be emailed to you.
Hooters – Free Song & gift – register on website
Hollywood Video – Free Video Rental
Houlihan’s will send you email for a free birthday entree when you sign up on their Website.
IHOP – Free Birthday Meal (check restaurant first)
Joe's Crab Shack – Free Cake
Joe Sensor Grill and Bar – Free Birthday Meal
Kobe Steak House – Free Meal on your Birthday, register for Royalty Rewards on website
Krispy Kreme – Register for free dessert coupon
La Capilla Family Mexican Restaurant" – offers a free combo dinner (items 1-11) on the day of your birthday.
Lotus – Free Meal
Macaroni Grill – Free Birthday Song & Dessert
Maggiano's – Sign up for birthday discount coupon
Malibu – gives you 50 free tokens when you host your birthday there!
Margarita's — free fried ice cream
Market Broiler – California restaurant, must sign up for their Birthday club to receive free meal.  Call or email to be added to Bday club.
Melting Pot – Free Chocolate Fondue for two w/ the purchase of Entree for 2.
Mexican Village – Free Birthday Meal
Mimi's Cafe – join their e-club and get a free breakfast – coupon is good for about ten days after you receive it. Since they ask for your birthday they probably pop for a meal or dessert on your birthday but haven't gotten there yet.  Good, sit down restaurant and always some interesting things on the menu and they seem generous in providing surprise freebies even without  a coupon. We walked out with four muffins one night since we had a first timer with us and on other visits a free dessert so their wait staff is empowered to spiff the customer.   Mimi's is mainly across the southern tier of states CA to VA.  I like them even paying full fare!
I discovered that Moe's Southwest Grill gives birthday burritos if you sign up on their website ahead of time.
Mongo Club – Register on website and they will email you a free meal ticket on your birthday.
Moonies Diner – Free Meal
Noodles & Co. has a free meal during your birthday month, see their website to print out the couponO
Old Chicago – Free Dessert (I got a big warm cookie)
Old Spaghetti Warehouse – Free Meal
Olive Garden – Free Cake (check location first)
On the Border – free empanada, sign up online first.
Outback – Free Dessert
Palamino's Restaurant – (Seattle and probably elsewhere) sends a $20 off coupon for your birthday that's good for the entire month when you sign up at their site.
Paradiso – Free Birthday Meal
PF Changs – Free Dessert
Pier 49 – Sign up online and they'll send you a confirmation email. Once you confirm, they'll send you a free personal pizza!
Poncho's – Free Meal
Ponderosa – $5 off adult meal & Pepsi purchase
PROVINO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT – free $10.99 meal and ice cream dessert
Quiznos – If you register on their website, they will email you a coupon for a free cookie of your choice on your birthday. They will even warm it up for you if you'd like. Plus, I happen to think that their cookies are quite tasty! : )
Ram Restaurant & Brewery – Free Mud Pie
Ray's Boat House in Ballard/Seattle, WA also has a fee lunch menu
Red, Hot, and Blue gives a free meal during your birthday month if you sign up online beforehand.
Red Lobster – Reader submitted, "I work at Red Lobster, They will still sing, but you have to pay for any dessert you want."
Red Robin – Free Burger entree (kids and adults) – register online first  – If you sign up on the website for the
birthday club, they will send an e-mail before your birthday for a free burger of your choice.  The offer is good for 14 days.  I got my free burger in Seattle last year and looking forward to using the new offer I was e-mailed the other
day for this year's birthday.
-all of the corporate red robins and the red robins part of the franchise mach robin (locations in illinois, new mexico, nevada, and idaho) give a free burger for adults, and free kids meal for kids, if you sign up for the mailing list.
Rockne's – Free kids entree with kids club enrollment
Round Table Pizza – Free Pizza (Personal) – see local restaurant for details
Rubio’s Mexican Grill gives you a free meal up to the value of $7.00 on your birthday if you sign up for their web newsletter. I just got mine! =D
Ruby Tuesday's – free dessert, sign up online first.  Tricia writes: "I was checking your website to see what I can get this year (my birthday is 11/18) and I noticed that for Ruby Tuesday you have them offering a free dessert however I just received my email from them & they are offering "any free handcrafted burger" free when you sign up online for their mailing list. I signed up last year expecting a dessert but hey….. i'm getting a burger. Just wanted to let you know. Thanx for keeping this list going for all us that feel we deserve a lil something nice one day a year!!"
Ryan's & Fire Mountain Grill – Sign up first online for their birthday clube
San Francisco Oven – Free Meal for birthday (kids and adults) – have to register first
Sonic Drive In – Free Kids Meal, Register on Website
Spaghetti Warehouse – Free Spaghetti dinnerSticky Fingers – If you sign up on for their “e-club” you get a free appetizer on sign up, you get a free half slab meal on your birthday and a free half slab meal on your anniversary as well as an annual gift.  Plus free birthday dessert in house on your birthday with no sign-up required.
Souper Sald – Free Birthday Meal
Subway at some locations give you a free 6inch sub on your birthday if you sign up for it online.
Tahoe Joe's in Sacramento,CA offers a free dessert + a poem
Texas Cattle Company – St. Petersburg, Florida and Lakeland, Florida -Free 16 – 18 oz steak with salad and side
Texas de Brazil offers a free birthday dinner and free anniversary dinner along with lots of 25-50% coupons throughout the year when you join their EClub on the website.
TGI Fridays – Free Birthday Dessert or Appetizer? – Please see website
The Vortex (Atlanta, GA both locations have the same bday offer) that has a pretty nice birthday freebie…  they give you a free entree, a free (non-alcoholic) drink, and a free dessert.  you first have to go to their website and sign up for their newsletter, then you will get sent the email on the 1st of your bday month.  you have to take a copy of the email as well as picture ID and eat-in @ one of their restaurants.
Todai Seafood Buffet – Free Meal Coupon for next visit.
Tony Roma's – Free Dessert
Tucanos Brazilian Grill (which has locations in Idaho and Utah, I’m not sure where else) offers a free meal for your birthday. Sign up on their website and they send you a coupon several weeks before your birthday
Uno’s Chicago Grill emails a certificate for free entrée on your birthday if you sign up on their website
Valley View Casino offers a coupon for a free buffet during your birthday month
Wendy's – Sign up for free kid's meal online
Wienerschnitzel will give you a free chili dog on your birthday.  You will also receive a free chili dog just for joining but you must sign up on their home page and print out the coupon.  You will also be notified periodically of other free things.
FROM OUR TOO TRUE TO BE FALSE FILE: Responding to a call about a oiled-up naked guy sunbathing, cops in Mishawaka, Indiana found a smiling Michael Donte Booth in the altogether. His nudity “was deliberate and not a wardrobe malfunction,” police concluded, according to an arrest report. Nearby, officers found a “Kroger bottle of extra virgin olive oil". The perp said "I'm from New York... You mean you can't do this here?" The cop replied, "Yes, but we use Miricle Whip."